One of my “tech on the side” SMB clients has three Targus USB 3.0 docks and three Dell laptops.  Two docks work on all the laptops.  One dock does not work on any laptop.  So the dock is bad, right?  Congratulations!  You too could be tech support!  Swap it out for a new one and let’s go have a beer.

Targus says no.  They would rather pay somebody to talk me to death on the phone trying completely stupid troubleshooting techniques that in no way possibly would solve this issue BECAUSE THE ISSUE IS HARDWARE rather than just swap me out a new unit.

Sure, I understand they want to make sure I’m on the latest firmware and have my drivers up-to-date.  I also understand running some diagnostic tools.  But when hour number three rolls around for a $150 product, you have to wonder, are we using our time wisely here?  I don’t think uninstalling random applications and reinstalling the same version of drivers (again) is going to help.  Especially since other docks, of the same make and model, work fine.  Call it a hunch!

I would highly recommend avoiding Targus at all costs.