I searched for an hour on live.com and google.com to try to figure out how on EARTH you specify a non-1433 port number when you want to establish a remote connection to MS SQL Server using Management Studio.  It seemed like such a simple thing.  So simple, I guess, that I'm the only person that doesn't know how to do it!

Well I finally found a page that has the answer.  It's easy.  You add a comma and the port number to the end of the server name.

So if you want to connect to MySqlServer.MyDomain.com on port 3821, you type...


That's it!

Hopefully this will help some other poor sap who didn't realize (like me) that you use the same nomenclature as any normal connection string to specify a port number.  So simple.  Sheesh.

Ah well.  Such is life!