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RD Tabs 1.0.7 is now available

Version 1.0.7 of RD Tabs is now available.  With this version comes many bug fixes and several requested features have been implemented.

Below is the list of changes from version 1.0.6 to version 1.0.7.  For an introduction to RD Tabs, read this blog post.


- Fixed bug where in certain circumstances RD Tabs would incorrectly tell you that saving passwords is disabled by group policy, when policy is actually set NOT to disable the password saving feature.

- Favorites can now be imported and exported from within the Favorites Manager to make it easier to copy favorites from computer to computer.

- When a connection fails, the server will no longer be added to the MRU list.  Also, a parameter is available in the user.config to remove the server from the MRU on any bad connection, even if a connection was established successfully previously (this is disabled by default).  Change RemoveServerFromMRUOnFailure from False to True to change this behavior.  This settings is currently not configurable from the application, only by manually editing the user.config or rdtabs.config files.

- Added a disconnect / cancel connection button which appears when you are opening a new RDP connection.  If you mis-type a server name or something, this will give you the ability to cancel quickly without having to close the entire tab or wait for an error to occur.

- When an error occurs during a connection, the "OK" button in the error dialog now receives focus so you can just hit "enter" to cancel out of the box.

- Fixed bug where under certain circumstances, when you hit enter to cancel a dialog box, the enter key press would be sent to the next control (such as the Connect To dialog) and would immediately initiate another connection.

- When closing a tab, focus will now be sent to the tab immediately to the left of the tab being closed, instead of to the first tab in the list (the previous behavior).  This should provide a better and more consistent user experience similar to other "tabbed" applications.

- Changed the tab-dragging icon to something a little more recognizable and "standardized" (similar to the icon used in IE7) to avoid confusion about what's going on when you drag tabs around.

- Fixed bug where the auto-reconnect feature would not correctly update the status bar and title bar of each tab should network issues cause the remote desktop to attempt to autoreconnect to an active session.  KNOWN ISSUE: The remote desktop screen will not clear after a disconnect during the auto reconnection sequence.  It appears to be a bug in Microsoft's ActiveX control, but I'm not positive.  Either way, this bug is purely cosmetic and does not affect the function of RD Tabs.

- Installer now includes shotcuts to the help file and changelog.txt in the Start Menu.

- Fixed bug where if you installed a newer version of RD Tabs over an older one, then used the same shortcut to launch the application, the help file would not be found since the start location does not include the path where the help file should live.

- Increased size of "Check for Updates" window so that more status messages can be displayed at once by the updater.

- Trapped another undocumented error number thrown by the RDP control.  It would return unknown error code 263 if you click "no" when it asks if you want to connect to a system whose certificate does not match the name you typed in.

- Fixed bug where certain warnings or errors would raise dialog boxes and shift around keyboard focus in such a way that the user would not always know which tab had which problem.  RD Tabs now automatically switches focus to a tab that raises a dialog box.  The dialog boxes are built into the RDP control, otherwise I would replace them with non-modal forms of input, such as the disconnection box.  Unfortunately, I cannot change this behavior.  The best I can do is to automatically switch focus so that the error message is not so confusing.

- Added a close (exit application) button in the menu bar for when RD Tabs is in Full Screen Mode.

- Update URL has been changed to match new Avian Waves website path location.  (Currently both the original and new URLs will work the same.)

- Automatic update notification feature will now check for a new version every 12 hours, in addition to every time the application is opened.  Setting the AutoUpdateRecheckDelay parameter to zero will disable the recheck feature (without disabling autoupdate entirely).  Value is in hours and is currently only modifable in the rdtabs.config or user.config files (no option is in the GUI yet).

[Edit: Feb 10, 2007] Version 1.0.7 is no longer available.  Please visit the RD Tabs home page for the latest version.


RD Tabs: Tabbed Windows Remote Desktops

If you are a Windows admin, you probably have had times when you are managing multiple servers and have many connections open to many different Remote Desktops.  Microsoft allows you to plug the remote desktop ActiveX control into a MMC console, but that's a pretty lousy solution to the problem.  Then it came to me... Why not use the latest "tabbed browsing" interface paradigm to remote desktops?  It's awesome in Firefox, Opera, and IE 7, how come nobody has done this for remote desktops?  Turns out that it has been done before, but I only could find commercial products and the demos were... well... lacking.  And I'll leave it at that.

So I decided to write my own.  It sounded like a really fun project.  And boy has it been!

RD Tabs was born.  Yes, it's a very uncreative name.  "Remote Desktop Tabs"

My admin friends love it and gave me lots of great feedback.  And now I'm ready to share it with the public.  I plan to add lots of new features in the future and RD Tabs will notify you of updates, so you don't even have to think about it to stay up-to-date.

Some of the major highlights of RD Tabs:

  • Up to 100 simultaneous remote desktop connections in a tabbed user interface.
  • Favorites can be saved and categorized into folders.
  • RDP 5.2 with optional TLS authentication and encryption is fully supported.
  • Respects Microsoft's Windows security model and works just as smoothly running under an administrator or limited user account.
  • Respects Terminal Services GPO setting to prevent saving of passwords in favorites.
  • "Full Screen Mode" still shows tab bar for quickly switching desktops.
  • Automatically notifies you of new versions of the software.
  • Plus much more!

RD Tabs requires the .NET Framework 2.0.

RD Tabs respects the Microsoft Windows security model.  All user data is stored in the user's Application Data folder and global default settings can be modified by admins by editing the application.config file in Program Files.

RD Tabs has been tested on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, but it should also work in the upcoming Windows Vista (I haven't tested it).

Download version 1.0.6 at the following links...

[Edit: Feb 10, 2007] Version 1.0.6 is no longer available.  Please visit the RD Tabs home page for the latest version.


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