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My New Pet Peeve

My new pet peeve is when technology pundits that use the phrase (or a variation thereof), "designing for 1985" when talking about traditional mouse/keyboard input modalities.  This is usually said as a derogatory comment to Microsoft, but also includes other companies that have not yet jumped headfirst into the latest fad of iPad computing (if you can call running applets on a multimedia presentation device "computing.")

I think touch screens a la cell phones and slate devices have their place and can be awesome, but just, for a minute, try imagining typing a long document on an iPad compared to basically any traditional computer setup.  The very thought of it is tiring to me.  I need a nap.  My point is that mouse+kb has been successful for so long because when you know how to type (probably not many tech magazine writers know how without staring at the keyboard and pecking with their index fingers, unfortunately), the keyboard is incredibly fast for input.  And for situations that you can't use the keyboard, the mouse is still faster than touch screens.  With a mouse you can quickly jump from one part of the screen to the other and precisely zero in with just the smallest flick of your wrist.  Touch screens require your arm and hand actually extend to each of the affected areas on the screen.  When you have two or three monitors, having to touch for all direct-contact input with controls on the screen would actually be quite slow, even if it is satisfying in a "I feel like I'm on Star Trek" kind of way.

All that said, kb+mouse+touch is the ultimate win.  You get the best of all possible worlds.

Which brings me back to the original article that sparked this rant.  I completely disagree with the unimaginative Lenovo Technology Director.  Windows 7 on a slate device sounds incredibly awesome.  I would take that in a heartbeat over iOS, Android, or the other proprietary OSes.  Apparently somebody hasn't gotten the memo about all the touch work that went into Windows 7.  It does everything your precious, precious iPad does, plus it can actually run real productivity software.


America Spoke: No Socialists Win in Election

Now that the 2010 election is over, I think it's safe to say that Americans have clearly spoken: nobody on the Socialist Party ticket won.  Clearly this means America is a center-right country.  At the same time, Obama should have used the bully pulpit more, because progressive voters are fragile creatures who would rather let their opponents win and go scorched earth than support a moderate on their own ticket.

Yea, also, to, this is all stupid and wrong.  I can say this because I have as much knowledge and credentials as most of the lip-flapping sputter coming out of the beltway media.  I posted the following comment on Balloon Juice (one of the only sane political blogs on the intertubes), but had to share it here to.

Regarding this article.

My comment…

So much analysis. So much wrong!

Everybody keeps pointing to their favorite ponies and stating, “if only Obama would have petted this pony more often and with a more vigorous stroking technique, Democrats would have done better.”


Despite what the Firebaggers say, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid passed a lot of pretty great stuff. Pretty great stuff can also be scary because it’s new and different. Could the pretty great stuff have been even awesomer? As always, yes, IF Republicans weren’t such total douchebags.

I will take pretty great stuff (that had a possibility of passing and did) over super awesome great stuff that could never pass. I will also definitely take the pretty great stuff over whatever the beltline Pony of the Day is.

I see a lot of pointing to the economy. That’s historically correct and correct today too. But I’m glad Obama didn’t spend the last two years primping a new stimulus pony. It could even have had sparkles, braided hair, and an “I love you” tattoo on its leg, but it never would have passed!

I think this shows really good leadership and a true commitment to this country for Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. They walked in knowing how much they were truly fucking themselves in the next election or two, but did the stuff they did anyway, because it was the right thing to do.

Like it or not, that’s how American politics works. Good stuff happens. When it does, there’s a backlash from entrenched interests and fear. Shit, there was a major backlash against social security (there still is today)! But it’s in no danger of going away because even conservative Americans rely on it. The same will be true for much of what was passed in the last two years.

Relish in the liberalism of the last two years. It will be back. Fear can’t last forever.

Also, too, THIS.


WTF Has Obama Done So Far?!

The winningest site for those of us on the left that understand that governing this country is more than just a bully pulpit and getting angry:



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