RD Tabs ain't dead yet!  I've been working on the next version for about the past year here and there after taking way too long of a break from it.  What can I say, life happens sometimes.  But enough of that.  The new version has a lot of cool features in the works.  The UI is refreshed, there's PowerShell integration, colored tabs, full Windows 10 / Server 2016 support, no more .Net 2.0/3.5 dependency, better support for high DPI monitors, a TON of under-the-hood improvements, like dumping the .Net "settings" for a more reliable custom XML settings system with automatic settings history (no more corrupted user.config files!!), new command line options, better password security, automatic 64/32-bit support, locked aspect ratio scaling, too many fixed bugs to count, improved memory management, the new "Quick View" feature, better split screen support, improved exception handling, and a lot more I'm forgetting.

You can toss out the road map in the fourms (in fact I will later on), because it's been so long, I'm going to start with a clean slate right here with this new version being verison 3.0.  I'll start working on a new road map after relase.  One of the key takeways I've had over all this time is to not bite off more than I can chew.  I got too deep in major code refactoring in multiple areas of RD Tabs simultaneously and it got so boring and such a drag, I just gave up for a while.  Well, I've put it all back together and in the future I'm going to do smaller more agile releases.  After release you'll see bug fix releases for a little while, then I'll commit to just 2-3 features or major improvements for the next release.  That way I'm more likely to finish in a few months rather than years.  Hopefully, over the course of a year it will add up to be pretty significant.  After all, I use this tool daily too!  So I want to see improvements on a faster cadence.

And now the biggest announcement.  While RD Tabs will continue to be free to use, I'm going to also start building out a "Premium" version which includes priority support and enterprise features, like shared favorites, active directory integration, a portable thumbdrive version, help desk features, and more.

I know better than to assign an exact date, but let's just say the beta version is "coming soon."  So if you want to be a tester...

Stay tuned!