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I just installed forums software for the Avian Waves website.  No longer do you have to post bugs as comments in blogs!  The first two sections are for RD Tabs and XS BAP, with more to follow in the future.  I will try to reply and post often.



XS BAP 2.0 Public Beta is Ready!

Thumbnail of XS BAP screenshotXS BAP, my Bulk Administration Password tool, has just received a major overhaul and facelift!  But it isn't ready for "prime time" just yet.  It needs a good public beta testing!  For everybody who currently is using XS BAP 1.0, give this update a try.  There are numerous new features and XS BAP now takes full advantage of the DotNet Framework 2.0 for better performance and a more slick UI.  Post comments in this blog or email me and let me know how this version is holding up.  I want to get all the bugs ironed out so I can upload this to  Thank you for your support. 

So what exactly does XS BAP do and why do you absolutely NEED it if you are a Windows Admin in a small, medium, or large company?  Click here to read this wonderful article in MCP Mag that explains it better than I ever could!

Click here to visit the XS BAP home page.  Remember, XS BAP is freeware!

XS BAP 2.0 download links:
- Zip file with setup.exe and msi installer
- MSI installer only

Here is the changelog for version 2.0's new features:

- First release in the 2.0.x code-line.  Public beta.
- Converted original project to Dot Net Framework 2.0.
- Fixed many conventions that did not conform to standard Windows usability standards.
- Updated UI to "XP-style."
- Added auto-update feature and also a manual update link in the help menu.
- Added MRU feature.
- Added ability to import from white-space delimited text files.
- Improved error handling.
- Improved speed and reliability of updating/verifying code.
- Added ability to customize random and complex password definitions.
- Added persistent user configurations.
- Added window-state memory (application remembers it's last window size and maximize state).
- Added error reporting service for fatal application errors.
- Added detection capabilities for if user is domain admin or not.
- Changed menu arrangements slightly.
- Added toolbar customization.
- Added "ping" column to tell whether or not a computer is online.
- Added status bar which reports selected rows, last results of operations, and whether or not the saved file is encrypted using NTFS' EFS.
- Improved handling of window resizing for alternate font sizes (although I know I haven't caught them all!).
- Improved computer importing abilities.
- Added an "Edit" menu.  Please note that table operations are not undoable!
- Improved clipboard handling for copying and pasting information in the table.
- Added ability to manually set computer status (Updated and Verified status columns)
- Password is no longer revealed by simply selecting the cell.  You must now either double-click (to edit) or use the "reveal passwords" toolbar button or menu item.
- Updated icons, but they still suck.  Is anybody out there an artist who can improve this for me??  Please??  :-)
- Added shameless donation and Avian Waves music website plugs!
- Data files are 100% backward compatible with XS BAP 1.0.


New version of RD Tabs (1.1.1) - Bug Fixes!

Update (Jan 22, 2007): There was a bug in the automatic update code (the online part) that was incorrectly telling older versions of RD Tabs that they were the newest version available.  The manual update would correctly tell you that you were out of date -- just the automatic part failed.  This has been fixed.  I apologize for the error.  The original blog post follows... 

I haven't been working on RD Tabs 2.0 as much as I like because work has kept me busy and in my spare time I've been renovating XS BAP for it's beta "2.0" release (which, incidently, should be out sometime next week!)...

However, I have been reading the comments in the blogs and have introduced another intermediate version of RD Tabs which includes several bug fixes for reported problems.  Also, to help aid troubleshooting in the future, RD Tabs will now "phone home" when it crashes, much like Microsoft's error reporting service that many of you have encountered when Windows or Office crashes.  Yes, you do have the opportunity to NOT send an error report if you are concerned about privacy!  No big brother nonsense from me!

Download RD Tabs 1.1.1 here...

Here's the 1.1.1 changelog...

  • It has been tested and the 1.1.x code-line of RD Tabs is Vista-compatible. Feel free to use this instead of the boring standard client on Vista!
  • Fixed bug where the Default Connection Properties were not loaded into the "New Favorite" dialog when you tried to create a favorite from scratch from within the Favorites Manager.
  • Fixed bug where if you exported favorites that have saved passwords, but selected not to export the passwords, the passwords would disappear from your favorites and would be lost forever.
  • Added error code 1289 - This occurs when you cancel a connection after being prompted about whether to connect to a non-TLS session when the security property is set to "Ask"
  • While working on XS BAP 2.0, I created a library that will automatically trap and send me uncaught exceptions (unexpected errors). Since plugging it into RD Tabs is so easy, I went ahead and did that. If RD Tabs crashes hard, please click the "Send Error Report" button! It will help me greatly. Thank you!
  • Added links in the help menu... (1) The Avian Waves Music website (which is my first love); (2) The RD Tabs home page; (3) And finally, a shameless "begging for a donation" link! :-)

When is the debut album coming out??

Soon!  I promise.  Mastering of the album has been completed!  Gerry at GK Labs ( did the mastering and it sounds absolutely incredible.  If you are a musician looking for a mastering house, I cannot recommend anybody more than GK!

Now for my latest excuse about the delay... I'm currently in the process of buying my first house.  (I get giddy just thinking about the studio I am going to set up in there.)  After closing, I'm going to get the CDs pressed at DiscMakers and they will be available online at major online outlets such as CDBaby and  I'm also going to try my absolute best to get the songs available on iTunes and other music download services, but I hear through the grapevine that they are slow and sometimes pretty strict about letting in indie artists.  I would love to get a distribution deal that would put my CD in "brick and mortar" stores, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.  :-)

Are you a DJ?  A special "singles" version of the CD will be available upon request for a very reasonable fee.  The difference between the two versions is that the "singles" version will provide ample silence between each track and will not crossfade any two tracks together.  This is ideal for radio stations and DJs.  Contact me for a copy of the "singles" version if you are a DJ, program director, or would like the "singles" version for any other purpose.  These will be burned and shipped on high quality CD-Rs, instead of being mass-produced.  This CD will be shipped only to music industry pros, sorry guys.  Consumers can get each song as a single through download services when that becomes available (if I can't get on iTunes or another one, I'll sell them myself through my website). 

Both CDs will be available in a few months.  I will post it on the blog when they are.

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