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I seem to notice that my saved passwords do not seem to get sent to my connections with windows 2000 server boxes. Works fine with Windows 2003 Servers.


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Is there a policy on the Windows 2000 boxes which is causing the password to be ignored?

In the Terminal Services Configuration MMC in the Administrative Tools, click on "Connections" in the tree in the left pane. Then right-click on the RDP-Tcp entry on the right side and select "Properties." Click on the "Logon Settings" tab. Is "Always prompt for password" checked? If it is and it is not greyed out, you can uncheck it and this should solve your problem. If it IS greyed out, then there is a GPO controlling this behavior. You will need to go through your Group Policies to find which one is controlling Terminal Services settings on those servers. When you find it, modify the setting and you should be good.

If you need more assistance with GPOs, just post a reply and I will try to help!
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