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With this version comes a slew of bug fixes. Below is from the changelog. Enjoy!

- Microsoft changed the implementation of the RDP Control's "Connected" property which RD Tabs used to determine the connection state of the active session. Previously, the connection state would return "Disconnected" during an "auto-reconnection" sequence, but in RDP 6.0, it returns "Connected." I had to recode the way auto-reconnections are handled and behavior is slightly different. After an auto-reconnection, the titlebar of a tab will not show that the tab is connected until the entire logon sequence has completed (usually this is automatic and takes 5-10 seconds). Otherwise, functionality is the same.

- In addition to the above change in behavior, I discovered a bug in the auto-reconnection sequence. If you should cancel the auto-reconnection, it will sometimes still try to reconnect (without any user prompts) to the disconnected session once the network reappears to the computer. I could not figure out a way to prevent this. RD Tabs now detects if the "Connect To" dialog is open and if it is, it will attempt to forcefully disconnect the auto-reconnection of the cancelled session. This is far from perfect. If you have closed out the "Connect To" dialog, it will not detect this and connect anyway. Sorry about this!

- Due to all these weird "auto-reconnect" problems, I will be bypassing the RDP control's internal auto-reconnector in RDP Tabs 2.0 and will implement my own. This way I can control the bugs (of which, I'm sure there will be plenty)! Until then, hopefully the above workaround will help some people.

- Fixed a bug where the clipboard would become "untied" sometimes from remote sessions which would require you to disconnect and reconnect to copy data back and forth to the remote session.

- Reworked the error reporting system to try to avoid warning the user about benign exceptions being thrown during the closing of the application.

- Streamlined some of the RDP ActiveX Control initialization code for faster response/instantiation and to make it more forward-compatible with future RDP ActiveX control releases.

- Fixed bug where favorites would not export if the display name and server name were not identical.

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