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RD Tabs has reached the RTW (Released To Web) stage! After numerous bug fixes found by the amazing RD Tabs beta testers, RD Tabs 2.1 has finally reached release status. Beta testers will notice that RD Tabs update will send them the link to RD Tabs 2.1.10 within 12 hours. RD Tabs 2.0 (and 1.1) users will receive update notification on Monday. In the mean time, the manual download links are below!

x86 MSI: http://www.avianwaves.co...rdtabs/rdtabs_2.1.10.msi 
x86 Zip: http://www.avianwaves.co...rdtabs/rdtabs_2.1.10.zip 
x64 MSI: http://www.avianwaves.co...tabs/rdtabs64_2.1.10.msi 
x64 Zip: http://www.avianwaves.co...tabs/rdtabs64_2.1.10.zip 

- This release is considered stable. The compiler debug flags are turned off and optimizations are turned back on. Welcome to RD Tabs 2.1 RTW!
- Fixed a few typos.
- Fixed a menu where there was an extra separator line.
- Modified some of the error reporting behavior. When you are prompted if you want to run the RD Tabs Self Repair utility and you select "no," it will now allow you to submit a bug report through the error reporting module.
- Another benign disconnection code was being reported by RD Tabs as an error (Session was disconnected by remote server). I fixed this! I think this was a bug introduced by something I fixed in 2.1.9.
- For Windows Vista (and newer) users, RD Tabs was allowing the RDP control to cache login information if entered through the RD Tab UI (this is a feature that is automatically enabled unless RD Tabs explicitly disables it). Since RD Tabs has its own favorites system, logon caching has been disabled for security purposes. Note that only the username and domain were cached, not the password. So although information disclosure was possible, the real threat was very, very small. Never-the-less, I disabled it for maximum security! Remote desktops will no longer "remember" your username if you don't want them to. :-)
- Made the password decryption code more efficient and hopefully fixed a very obscure error where sometimes RD Tabs won't be able to decrypt saved passwords due to a decryption exception, so it will delete and generate a new decryption key.
- Fixed a bug where if you specified that RD Tabs should automatically open a single favorite when the application starts, it wouldn't work most of the time. Opening an entire folder of favorites would work.
- Fixed a bug with the SysKey feature where sometimes the captured SysKey would get "stuck" when you used the SysKey sequence to open a menu, then used it again before closing the menu by hitting the Escape key or mouse click.
- Remove "Floating" from the Tab Panel titlebar (it's just redundant).
- Fixed a bug where the tab title bar in tab panels would sometimes be covered by the menu bar.
- Fixed a few graphical inconsistencies in some icons.
Hi Timothy,

One question: Why does the x64-version get installed to %Program Files%\RD Tabs 64\-directory?
Windows x64 has a seperate Program Files-dir for 32-bit software (Program Files (x86))

So you could just have them install to %Program Files%\RD Tabs. The OS will sort it out...

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No reason really. The MSI script just takes the "app name" and makes a directory of the same name to store all files. Since I named them "RD Tabs" and "RD Tabs 64" to keep them straight in Visual Studio, that's the folder it makes. You can rename the folder "RD Tabs" without the 64 during installation and it will work all the same.
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