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I am hoping that this can be the final 2.1.x version of RD Tabs so I can get to work on 2.2. I tried to address every outstanding bug I know about from error reports, forums posts, and my own experience. If I have created any new ones, do let me know before I get too deep in 2.2. It's a pain synching the code between the two. 😉

Download links...

x86 MSI: http://www.avianwaves.co...rdtabs/rdtabs_2.1.17.msi 
x86 Zip: http://www.avianwaves.co...rdtabs/rdtabs_2.1.17.zip 
x64 MSI: http://www.avianwaves.co...tabs/rdtabs64_2.1.17.msi 
x64 Zip: http://www.avianwaves.co...tabs/rdtabs64_2.1.17.zip 


- Fixed a bug where in the options if you enabled or disabled password saving, and then cancelled out of the "are you sure" nag box, the favorites' ability to save passwords would go "out of sync" with what was in the options (you would lose passwords and if you tried to enter new passwords, they would just disappear). The reason is that the favorites is an isolated object and maintains its own flags about what state the "saving passwords" operation is in. In the future I will likely write code to allow the favorites manager to communicate with the main app's flags, but for now, I simply fixed the syncing problem by making sure both values are always updated simultaneously.
- Fixed a bug where in the options if you enabled or disabled password saving, and then cancelled, the "Apply" button would still light up, as if you made changes that need to be committed. This has been fixed so as not to cause confusion.
- When password saving is disabled, RD Tabs will now write "Password saving is currently disabled" (or something similar) in the password textbox in the favorites / connection properties editor.
- Fixed a minor UI bug, where in the favorites manager, if you clicked "batch edit" without first clicking the already highlighted root folder, it wouldn't do anything. By default, RD Tabs highlights the root folder, so the expected result is if you hit "batch edit" it would batch edit the root node. RD Tabs now sets focus to the treeview immediately after opening the favorites manager to fix this odd UI behavior.
- Fixed a bug where in the Favorites Manager if you renamed a folder with subfolders, sometimes RD Tabs would freeze and sometimes favorites (or folders) would disappear or be moved to an incorrect location. There are no reports of this failure happening when moving folders, but it might happen there as well since the buggy code is related to both functions.
- Fixed a bug where when automatically reconnecting to a server after a network dropout, sometimes RD Tabs would say "attempt X of 0" when the maximum reconnection attempts was set to 0 (infinite), instead of simply saying "attempt X."
- Eliminated most of the "flicker" that you see when you create a new tab. Basically, the tab now sizes itself correctly in the background before becoming attached to the visible part of the application.
- Fixed the context menus in the Favorites Manager to include newer features that were accidentally left off in the initial release (such as "duplicate" and "rename"). (Note: these features always worked using the buttons on the right side of the windows -- this is just a context menu fix.)
- Added some code to make sure that the Tab Manager is fully instantiated before referencing it for the first time. Additionally, if the control never instantiates after a pre-defined time-out value from the start of the thread block, it will throw a different exception. This way I can determine why on a few very obscure clients, the Tab Manager is not finished being instantiated by the time I use it, despite it being initialized automatically by the framework in a (supposedly) thread-safe way.
- Fixed a rare bug where if you click on "create new tab in active pane" while a tab is closing in the millisecond that there is no active page (before a new one is set), you could crash RD Tabs. I couldn't recreate it in testing, but apparently some people just have bad luck! Anyway, if you happen to do this, instead of RD Tabs crashing, it will simply create a new tab in what is referred to internally as the "First Tab Pane" which is always the uppermost leftmost tab pane. From there, you can drag the tab to whatever tab pane you were actually attempting to create it in. Additionally, I prevent the individual tabs from requesting focus if they are closed (just in case that's the cause, but I don't see any sign of it)
- The export favorites to RDTSF dialog that has you enter the encryption password does not ask for a confirmation password (to make sure you didn't typo). This has been changed. You must now enter the password twice (like every other program in the universe).