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I'm trying to log into several machines, all standard windows 2000 or 2003, some x86, some x64.

Problem I have is that RDTabs keeps trying to pass in the user name as <domain>/<user> and log me in as a local user, rather than use the domain and just pass in the user name.

If I correct it, log in, and then log out, and then try to log back into the server sometimes it remembers to use the domain login, otherwise it tries the local account again.

Is there anywhere I can force it to always use domain login?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Put the domain name (or computer name) into the "Domain" textbox on the Logon page of the Remote Desktop Connection Properties. If you leave this blank, it depends on the server when it guesses what domain to use (the server does the guessing, not RD Tabs).
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