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Hi !

I used RDTabs a lot over the last couple of weeks and it's already a big advancement compared to using the plain rdp client alone. Thanks for doing this for fre :)

There are still a few things I'ld to have added/changed/enhanced and I want them to share with you:

- I'ld like to have an option for rdtabs remembering the open tabs so next time I run it, it opens them all and connects to the pcs.
- There is one thing I noticed when using rdtabs compared to the plain client: It seems to keep getting the desktop updates from the connected servers even if they are not visible. For example, the plain rdp client stops receiving data from the server when it's minimized - rdtabs keeps making traffic. It also updates the tabs which are not visible. I noticed this because all the servers I connect to run applications that constantly change some parts of the screen. Looking at the network monitor of the task manager, this was clearly visible. It would be good if rdtabs only updates the currently selected tab and only if it's not minimized and handles the other sessions like the plain client does when minimized.
- This is not really a big problem for me but since it asks me to do it: After using it for several hours, when I close it it always crashes and tells me that I should tell you about it and that this is like the worst that could possibly happen ... ;)

That's it for now :)

Best regards
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RD Tabs 2.0 now "disables" inactive remote desktop controls, whereas before it would always leave them enabled, just hide them from view. I'm not sure if this will fix the traffic situation for inactive tabs. I haven't found a clean way yet to tell the remote desktop control to be quiet when it's not visible. Let me know if you notice better performance when the public beta is released in roughly a month or two.
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Ok. Thx for investigating my issue.
Lately I've been working with pcanywhere and dameware... for the most part RD Tabs is used when I'm unable to establish a connection through one of those two programs. Is there anywhere to integrate RD Tabs to work with PCAnywhere? I know it can be integrated with Dameware; under a feature in dameware i found a setting that allows you to view it via RD. I personally like using the two programs bc allows me work with the client where can both see the same screen and no one has to get locked out. That would be awesome....

So far RD tabs has allow me to keep multiple sessions open and its helped me navigate through different systems.

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