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I just discovered the joy that is RD Tabs. Thank you for creating a wonderful utility that helps me manage my many servers with (some) ease.

I'd like to suggest a few changes to the current application implementation, which I feel would really improve the experience overall.

Firstly, as soon as a server connection is made, save the parameters, rather than saving at close, and I understand this might tie into the connection manager I mention below. This helps if a crash occurs with something else.

The next suggestion would be to change the current Favorites to a connection manager that saved all new connections by default. I understand connections are cached, but if I don't favorite them, how do I get them back? I think the ability to add new connections or access cached connections would be awesome.

A third suggestion would be a check box in the options to retain all tabs that were open at the last close.

My fourth suggestion would be a menu item under Connection that let me connect to any previous session that was cached.

My last, and most tasty suggestion, would be to enable optional application-wide password protection and encrypt (using AES-256 or another secure algorithm) the cache information based upon that password.

I tried Terminals (a Codeplex application), and that also gives you Telnet, SSH, VNC and other toys, and the application-wide password protection idea came from that. I have to say that Terminals is maybe trying too much, and not focusing on making the features it has work better. RD Tabs is pretty mature in comparison.

If you are able to implement these suggestions, I would gladly donate $100 to you, and recommend other Windows administrators that I know do the same. =p~
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