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I'm running Windows 10 Pro and RD Tabs Version 2.1.25. Often times when I try to remote using RD Tabs I get the above error but I can remote just fine using Windows Remote Desktop Connection. Other times I can remote into the servers just fine using RD Tabs. Any thoughts?


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I have the same problem. There's another post by Timothy on the website referencing disabling Bitmap caching for connections. My problem so far seems to be related to connecting to Win2012 servers. I've been on Win10 for over 2 years now, but just recently have started migrating to server 2012r2. Iknow for same laptop/version of RDTabs I used to connect to 15+ servers regularly w/o issue, all 2008R2

Tim's comment here: https://www.avianwaves.c...2-servers-and-error-3334 
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Sorry I missed this thread when it first came through. The forums were overwhelmed with spam for a while. Thankfully it seems to be better since I enabled Akismet. Anyway!

Yes, disabling bitmap caching helps somewhat, but the best thing you can do is make sure you are using the 64-bit version of RD Tabs. Remote desktop is just a memory hog now. The good news is that it seems to page out mostly. So, for example, right now I'm running about 20 open tabs with a total memory footprint of 3GB, but about 2.2GB is paged out. However, if you are running the 32-bit build, that doesn't really help you because you can only address (paged or unpaged) about 1.2-1.5GB in a .Net application (2GB minus framework overhead).

This isn't an RD Tabs thing, it's just how Microsoft remote desktop works now. The reason you can open a lot of the native client instances is because each one is a separate process, so they each have their own private memory to work in. However, if you actually opened 6-10 remote desktops on a 32-bit system, the system would probably crawl.

Unless you are running a really old system or like an Intel Atom system, use the 64-bit build of RD Tabs and the issue should resolve. Of course, disabling bitmap caching helps too.

I have an alpha version of RD Tabs 3.0 that's pretty stable. There a few features that aren't fully implemented and the icons and some graphics are wonky, but it's stable. There's been a lot of under the hood improvements and it should have an overall lower memory footprint, as well as supporting the latest protocol version, which might also help with memory. The new version if CPU-agnostic, so it runs in 64-bit if you have a 64-bit OS and 32-bit if you have a 32-bit OS. There are still going to be two installers though, so that the 64-bit version doesn't install in Program Files (x86). At some point I'll make a unified installer. Use the contact form at the top of the page if you want a link to the installer. It's not ready for wider distribution, but I'm getting there!
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