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I just received an email from user who sent me this great link on the Terminal Services Team Blog about why clipboard sharing sometimes doesn't work with Remote Desktop. I've noticed this issue before in RD Tabs too and it is INCREDIBLY annoying. Since the problem lies in the clipboard API, User32.dll, and the Remote Desktop API, there is nothing I can do currently to fix it in RD Tabs. The good news is that the way Vista handles the clipboard fixes this problem, BUT (and here's the caveat) you have to be connecting to a Vista or Server 2008 system to take advantage of the new clipboard handler. It's not enough to simply connect FROM a Vista workstation. So the good news is that when you upgrade all your servers to 2008 and work from a Vista workstation, the problem will go away. The bad news is that if your company is like mine, that won't be for a very long time.

To see why it happens and how you can work around it in the interim, follow the link below. This is great information that will help prevent you from pulling your hair out trying to get clipboard data from machine to machine.

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