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I was going to wait to release 2.1.8 until I had more bug reports and more bug fixes, but upon discovering the cryptographic bug described here , I felt it was necessary to release this update today. In addition to fixing the RDTSF cryptographic bug, there are a few more bug fixes. Enjoy!

Download links...
x86: http://www.avianwaves.co...-DO_NOT_REDISTRIBUTE.msi 
x64: http://www.avianwaves.co...-DO_NOT_REDISTRIBUTE.msi 

Here is the changelog...
- If TLS is required and you clicked "OK" after the certificate warning, RD Tabs would erroneously say that the user did not want to proceed, when in fact the "TLS Required" flag is what prevented RD Tabs from proceeding. This error message has been corrected.
- Fixed a bug where if you were using "fit to tab pane" for your remote desktop screen dimensions and you closed some tabs, then opened the same connections or new ones from favorites, the connection window would only be about 250x200, instead of filling up the tab pane. This bug did not effect the "fit to app window" or "custom size" modes.
- Fixed a pretty serious cryptographic flaw in the RDTSF file format. This fix is going to be applied to version 2.0.14 as well. Versions in the 2.0.x line older than 2.0.14 and versions in the 2.1.x line older than 2.1.8 will create vulnerable RDTSF files. I apologize for not noticing this sooner. I'm withholding details of the exploit to protect users of older RD Tabs versions and give them time to delete all old RDTSF files! For more info, go to this link: http://www.avianwaves.co...x?g=posts&m=372& 
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