The Music

Avian Waves® is a sonic journey through soundscapes and rhythm, allowing the mind to meditate on the universe, its meaning, and our place. The first album (self-titled) is finished is available from all major sources (CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and more). This album is a broad sampling of moods and themes collected over the long five years this album was worked on (after class, after work, and during any free moment I could find). The centerpiece of this album is the five-part Darkness Symphony, which expresses the cycle of mental obstacles we, ourselves, create that prevent us from accomplishing goals we set.


Timothy Carroll- Producer, composer, engineer, songwriter, performer

Rebecca Carroll- Support and inspiration
Misty Carroll- Songwriter, vocalist, muse, guardian angel
David Williams- Advice, guidance, and philospohical ponderings
My Flock- The inspiration for the name Avian Waves, my "fids" (feathered kids) are a great source of joy, comfort, and strength


The Tech

Music does not yet pay the bills for Avian Waves producer, Timothy Carroll, but being a computer geek does. The tech of Avian Waves is a collection of tools, information, comments, and reviews on the computer industry from the perspective of a Network Engineer who specializes in security and Microsoft platforms.


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