The Black Room

This is where the magic happens...
The Black Room, Circa 2003In 1999, I got serious about music. Before that, I had dreams, but the conviction was not quite there. (Although I did have a blast writing "MODs" -- anybody remember those?) At this point I started filling up my credit cards with gear. A friend of mine was moving out of town (Gainesville, FL) and had a ton of black egg crate sound proofing material that he gave to me. I began to line the walls with egg crates and The Black Room was born. The Black Room changed many times through out the years with respect to gear, but always remained true to my vision of a high end home studio I could lose myself in until late into the evening. I then got a new job in a new town. I decided it was time to retire the name The Black Room since the new studio would be very different in my new home town of Raleigh, NC.
Conure's Nest, Circa 2006When I arrived in 2005, I began construction on an interim studio in my apartment in North Carolina, called Conure's Nest Recording Studio. Even my Conure didn't like that name. I never got any work done there due mainly to my day job.
Now that I have a house, I can once again construct a proper home studio. The Black Room, Mark 2 is born! I still have to finish sound proofing and wiring in the isolate booth, but otherwise it is ready to go. New racks and a new desk helped me organize all my gear. Hopefully I will soon have some new music to show for it.

The Black Room, Mark 2, Circa 2007


• Avian Waves (LP CD)

• All We Can Do (SP 12")

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