Avian Waves

Released in 2008, published through CD Baby, and available at all major retailers right now!  Buy it!  :-)

Album Cover Art1. Unrealized Reality
2. Perception of Tranquility
3. From Our Shadows
4. Out of Darkness
5. Toward the Light
6. Reliving Darkness
7. Avoiding Light
8. Return to Darkness
9. Touch of Life *
10. Waking Dream
11. Chromatically Neutral

An emotional rollercoaster of electronica themes. Deep music which inspires dreams, relaxation, ponderings, and dance. Breaks, ambient, new age, and progressive house fused together.

Some Distribution Notes:

The original recordings were recorded and mastered at 24bit/96KHz. Since CD quality is only 16bit/44KHz, the masters were professionally resampled to CD quality (which I think turned out great) for CD distribution.  CD Baby sells and distributes MP3s to all major retailers (ITunes, Amazon, etc.).  The MP3s were transcoded from a CD master, not the original sources.  I have 384kbps MP3s that were transcoded using the LAME encoder (the highest quality MP3 encoder) at the highest quality setting using the original 24bit/96KHz masters. Theoretically, those should be the highest quality MP3s of my music. Additionally, those MP3s are not cross-faded (like they are on the album) so they are ideal for radio and club play.  I'm currently looking for a way to sell those directly.  I'll update this page when I find a way to easily do that.


All songs produced, performed, and composed by Timothy Carroll. Recorded at The Black Room, Gainesville, FL.
* Touch of Life lyrics by Misty and Timothy Carroll; vocals by Jennifer Hopkins and Misty Carroll; Jennifer Hopkins recorded at Skylab Recording Studios. 

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