Privacy Policy

Personal Information Storage and Data Sharing

For areas of the website where you are required to fill in personal information, such as in the blog, forums, or contact forms, the information collected may be stored on Avian Waves servers for an indefinite amount of time. This information is never sold or given to any third party without explicit consent (opt-in), except as required by law.  In cases where the data is given to a third party, such as to facilitate a purchase, only the information required to fulfill the request is provided.  The data the third party receives is then governed by the third party's privacy policies.

Personal Information Removal and Right to be Forgotten

All personal information related to your account, including name, email address, and any other information you may have optionally provided, can be purged by contacting the website owner using the link to the contact form at the top of the page.  Once the data is purged, there is no way to recover it later.


Some portions of the website may link to other websites for the purpose of commerce. An example would be donations via PayPal or purchasing music via CD Baby. These portions of the website, although appearing contiguous with, are actually hosted within embedded frames (IFRAMES), through "skinned" external links, or through embedded controls, such as Adobe Flash and are not actually hosted by servers. For these portions of the website, the Privacy Policy for the external website prevails and is not under the control of


A cookie is a data file that certain web sites write to your computer's hard drive when you visit such sites. A cookie file can contain information, such as a user identification code (for instance, the ASP.NET Session State), that the site uses to maintain a personalized look and feel on the pages you have visited. uses cookies solely for this purpose and also to maintain "members-only" access levels after logging on throughout the web site.
Most web site browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser settings to display a warning before accepting a cookie, or to refuse all cookies. However, if you choose to disable the receipt of cookies from our web site, you may not be able to use certain features of the site.

Browser Level Information web servers automatically collect information about a site user's IP address, browser type and referrer by reading this information from the user's browser (information provided by every user's browser). This information is collected in a database and used -- in an aggregated, anonymous manner -- in our internal analysis of traffic patterns within our web site. This information is automatically logged by most web sites.



IP address: Every computer connected to the Internet has a numeric address called an "IP address." This may or may not correspond uniquely to a particular computer. In some cases, IP addresses can be resolved to domain names, which may indicate a site visitor's Internet service provider, employer, university, etc. As part of its database analysis resolves IP addresses to domain names.
Browser type: A user's browser is a software program running on a computer that allows users to access documents on the World Wide Web. Browsers can be either text or graphic. They read HTML coded pages that reside on a server and interpret the coding into what the user sees as Web pages. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are examples of Web browsers. Browser type typically discloses hardware platform, operating system, and browser software and version.
Referrer: The referrer is the URL of the Internet resource or page that causes a browser to request a page or image from servers.


The preceding terms are subject to change without notice.

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