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Samson Servo 170 Amplifier

This amplifier powers my Event 20/20 monitors. For the price, the sound quality is excellent.


Samson Servo 120 Amplifier

I bridge this amplifier and power my subwoofer with it. Again, for the price, it provides excellent sound quality.


DOD SR835 Crossover

This is a pretty basic crossover module. I use it to separate the sub-bass from the rest of the signal. It's input is the Alesis 3630 and its outputs route to the two Samson amps.


Alesis 3630 Compressor/Limiter

I think everybody has heard of this compressor/limiter. It's a studio staple. It's not the best compressor/limiter, but it by no means is a bad compressor/limiter. It's just a good workhorse. I use it to limit any stray extremely loud transients that might accidently sneak through the mixing console while I'm working.


Event 20/20 Near-Field Monitors
I bought these monitors because they are cheap and I heard they were good. And I must say, I absolutely love them. They are very true, very flat, and I know them well enough now that I can mixdown and know how it will sound on most other systems.

Pioneer 12" Subwoofer (Custom Enclosure)
I took a 12" Pioneer car subwoofer, put it in a custom sealed enclosure, tested it, and had myself a low cost, but nice sounding subwoofer.


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