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XS BAP is a bulk local (SAM) administrator password management tool. You can use it to change and track all local administrator passwords on all workstations and member servers in your domain safely and securely.

XS BAP allows you to import or manually enter each computer you want to manage. You can then specify the administrative password you want to use, or use the random password feature and get a unique random complex password for every machine. You can then update all machines at once, or only selected machines. After updating the password, you can verify that the password works using the verification feature.

XS BAP requires the .Net Framework 1.1.

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Download XS BAP...
XS BAP 1.0 (Zip with EXE and MSI installer) - This is the latest stable release

XS BAP 2.0 Beta (MSI installer) - Requires .Net Framework 2.0
XS BAP 2.0 Beta (Zip with EXE and MSI installer) - Requires .Net Framework 2.0

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