Windows Mobile Classic

For many years in the early days of mobile, I was a Windows Mobile enthusiast. Windows Phone 7 didn't do it for me, so I've seen moved on to Android.  I'm not actively developing anything Windows Mobile any more, but I'm leaving my existing projects here for posterity.

Avian Play

An open source, finger friendly, car friendly, and resolu`tion-independent music, podcast, and online streaming radio player for Windows Phone / Windows Mobile devices with powerful library and playlist features. Avian Play is currently being developed, and there is no beta version yet.

For more information, please see the Avian Play CodePlex Project Page.


The Zoom Bar is the little strip at the bottom of your Touch Pro 2's screen that is used in a handful of applications on your device. Wouldn't it be nice if you could use it in every application? Customized to fit your needs? That's where ZoomBarPlus comes in! You can map keystrokes for tapping, double tapping, long tapping, and swiping left/right. Default zoom functionality is also retained for all applications that are already Zoom Bar aware.

For more information, please see the ZoomBarPlus Discussion Page.


You've seen these before -- the little green line at the top of the screen that indicates the current battery level. This app is really nothing new or revolutionary. The main difference of BattLineSvc is that it's a true Windows Mobile service, so it does NOT use one of the precious few 32 slots available for processes. You can find more information about services here. This app has been tested on Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5, and 6.5.3.
For more information, please see the BattLineSvc Discussion Page.


ReRemind is a simple Windows Mobile service that will play a sound at a specified interval when an event is waiting your attention. This is particularly useful for devices that lack standard amber/green notification LEDs (like the Diamond / Touch Pro), but can be used with any WM device if you want audible notifications.
For more information, please see the ReRemind Discussion Page.


I had a need to play a sound and vibrate my phone in a script-like setting (specifically, actions in the amazing Rhodium Keyboard Controller app). I couldn't find a simple app to let me do this. So I wrote one! It took about 10 minutes. :-) I now share this with you because I'm sure somebody else has had the same need.
For more information, please see the PlaySound Discussion Page.

Mobile Shell 3 Toggler

MS3T allows you to quickly and easily switch between the classic Today screen and SPB Mobile Shell 3 by using shortcuts which can be assigned to hardware buttons, links in MS3 itself, etc.
For more information, please see the MS3T Discussion Page.

TouchFlo3D Detacher

TouchFlo Detacher is yet another way to simultaneously have TouchFlo 3D / 2D and the regular Today screen. Previous excellent solutions include SecondToday and ManilaControl.
For more information, please see the TFD Discussion Page.

iContact AE

iContact AE is a branch of iContact, specifically branched from the final code by truburt that belonged to iContact BE.
For more information, please see the iContact AE Discussion Page.

PocketPlayer Plugins

Before I began development on Avian Play, I wrote plugins for the Conduits PocketPlayer media player. These are no longer being developed, but I'm keeping the links here for anybody that might be looking for them.

Dark Melody Skin + Now Playing Visualization - This combination pack was designed to make Pocket Player look and act more like satellite radio receivers by making it more finger friendly and also eye-friendly for drivers. The official support forum, download link, and more information is available on Conduits' website here:

Home Playlist Plugin - One of the biggest missing features of Pocket Player is a good "presets" feature. Because of this, I created Home Playlist! Home Playlist allows multiple presets be assigned to custom buttons or appear in the main menu. When you click on the shortcut, your playlist of choice immediately loads. The official support forum, download link, and more information is available on Conduits' website here:

More Buttons Plugin - This is a plugin I will update over time which will contain new features that can be mapped to hardware buttons. The official support forum, download link, and more information is available on Conduits' website here:

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