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About RD Tabs

Remote Desktop is an important tool for any System Administrator or Help Desk Technician who manages Windows servers and desktops on-premises or in the cloud. However, the remote desktop client that Microsoft bundles with Windows leaves a lot to be desired. This is where RD Tabs comes in.

RD Tabs is the original advanced multi-tabbed Windows Remote Desktop client and connection manager. It started back in 2006 with a simple idea: bring the then new idea of tabbed web browsers to remote desktop. From there, a way to remember saved session properties that was superior to a bunch of .rdp files was added (favorites), including the ability to batch edit multiple favorites at a time, making management of stored passwords simple. But why stop there? Features allowing split-screen, multiple Windows, scaled desktop sizes were added. Now in present day more advanced features are coming fast. From an integrated PowerShell scripting engine, to colored tabs for organization, RD Tabs makes a System Administrator’s life so much easier.

Coming later in 2018: RD Tabs Premium. While the standard version of RD Tabs is and will continue to be free, advanced features for business and enterprise users will be coming later this year. These features will include shared favorites, desktop shadowing, a portable installation for USB drives, Active Directory integration, and much more.

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