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RD Tabs 3.0 reaches RTM! The beta is over, thanks for everybody who tested. The update is available right now using the link below or the link on the application home page . Users with any beta build of RD Tabs (3.0.0 through 3.0.6) will receive the 3.0.7 automatic update notification first, within the next 12-24 hours. In 24-48 hours, users on any older version of RD Tabs will receive the update notification.

I know some users use Chocolatey  to update RD Tabs. I have taken over the Chocolatey repository and will work over the next couple days to get the new installer package updated.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy!

DOWNLOAD NOW: https://www.avianwaves.com/Software/Tools/RDTabs/RDTabsSetup_3.0.7.exe 

Change log:


- Upgraded the WiX toolkit to the latest bits which seems to have fixed an installer issue at least one user was having.
- Added the ability to log advanced debugging information to a file for troubleshooting.
- Fixed bug: The Most Recently Used (MRU) computer list in the computer combo box wasn't working.
- Fixed bug: When importing favorites from an RDTSF file, passwords would not decrypt correctly, thus they would be blanked out. The passwords are stored correctly in the RDTSF file, so if you have existing exports, you can use them.
- Fixed bug: For the configuration history, on startup if a history file was locked for some reason during file rotation, RD Tabs would crash. RD Tabs now soft-fails and continues to load.
- Added "Toggle Full Screen" to the task tray icon context menu.
- Added missing connection error codes.
- Fixed bug: When tabs overflow the tab bar and require scrolling, sometimes when you clicked a tab just out of view, it would jump the scroll position very far from where it should be.
- Fixed bug: When the right most tab is in focus, part of the tab and the "new tab" tab would be out of view.
- Fixed bug: Certain scenarios, such as redirected appdata folders, could result in RD Tabs not correctly finding and loading configuration on launch leading to an application crash.
- Fixed bug: When the main RD Tabs window was moved, but not resized, the new location was not saved, so the application would not restore in the right spot upon subsequent launch.
- Fixed bug: The error reporter was not correctly detecting if the system was 64bit.
- Tweaked the way RD Tabs responds to some DPI change events for when DPI changes occur dynamically (this is not completely done, but just a step along the way). This is only applicable when RD Tabs is set to handle native DPI.
- Tweaked the RD Gateway username/domain UI elements to match behavior of the main username/domain UI elements.
- RD Gateway authentication type text changed from "select later" to "auto" to more clearly reflect how gateways currently work.
- Added a flag to note whether a submitted error report was generated by a recoverable error or not (allows me to know if the user experienced an app crash or a recovery).
- Fixed bug: SysKey+F11 was not toggling full screen mode correctly, it instead flickered through a few different views before returning back to normal.
- Fixed bug: SysKey+F2 would freeze due to a race condition in certain situations.
- Fixed bug: SysKeys would not work if you were connected to a remote session where the Windows Combination keys were sent to the remote session. This was due to a regresion introduced when the behavior of the menu bar hiding changed.
- Fixed bug: SysKey+F10 would collapse immediately after showing the menu.
- When you engage a SysKey and the menu bar is hiden, the menu bar will temporarily unhide. This enables several of the above SysKey fixes. It also allows you to see the SysKey indicator.
- For Windows 8 and newer clients (RDP 8.0), you can now specify a remote resolution of up to 8192x8192. Use this in conjunction with DPI aware mode and 4K monitors are fully supported without scaling.
- Tweaked password encryption for performance. These changes cause RD Tabs 3.0.0 to 3.0.6 to be unable to decrypt passwords saved in 3.0.7. So if you downgrade RD Tabs from 3.0.7 to earlier, your passwords will be lost. Cryptographic strength is equal between versions, this is merely a performance enhancement based on how passwords are saved.
- RTM! Beta is complete.
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Thank you so much for a great product and update. I have been using for years and was wanting an update to clean things up. looks great. Love the auto-sorting of tabs and cleaner UI.. WAY TO GO!
Great job Timothy. Digging the update. A couple of questions. I have a couple of questions...
1. Is there a 64-bit download for v3.0.7?
2. I have a super high resolution laptop and I think it's causing the UI to distort a little bit. The RDP connection info in the base view is cramped together and I lose definition of the connection box. Is there anything in the works that could potentially resolve this?
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1. RD Tabs 3.x and newer features a unified installer for both 64-bit and 32-bit systems. So it's just one download for all!

2. By default, RD Tabs allows Windows to scale the entire application up based on your DPI settings. Most of RD Tabs users actually want this because when you connect to servers, they tend to not support high DPI and so it makes everything look really bad and sometimes unusable. The downside is all the icons are fuzzy and remote graphics can be somewhat distorted.

However, RD Tabs does feature native high DPI support. Go into Tools -> Options and check the "Use full native resolution of screen for high DPI displays" at the top in the General tab. Then restart RD Tabs. Now it will use native resolution. Couple things here: I haven't finished converting all the windows and controls to the internal native scaling code (it's actually pretty complicated for legacy WinForms apps) so there may be some windows that looks weird and don't scale correctly.

Also, if you change DPI on the fly, you will have to restart RD Tabs as the on-the-fly detection and scaling is not complete either.
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