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RD Tabs uses the same underlying Microsoft libraries for RDP, so it is as vulnerable as MSTSC is with regards to protocol vulnerabilities. As such, bugs in the protocol layer are also as patched as your local operating system installation is. That is to say, if there is a security vulnerability in Remote Desktop, once you patch Windows using Windows Update, RD Tabs will also be patched.

However, the "exploits" shown in the article that MSTSC is vulnerable to are simply taking advantage of valid established functionality, they are not actual security vulnerabilities or bugs. The shared clipboard feature, in particular, binds together the local and remote clipboards by design. That is what the feature is designed to do and as such it should only be used with trusted remote machines. If you are connecting to an untrusted remote desktop, you should not enable any resource sharing at all. This is easy to disable in RD Tabs. Just go to the Resources tab on the connection and uncheck everything under "Redirect Local Resources."
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