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If you use the RDP File Import function, you'll love this update. Honestly, I don't know how you used it before this update because it was completely screwed up (shows you how much I use RDP file importing).

Download links...

x86 MSI: http://www.avianwaves.co...rdtabs/rdtabs_2.1.19.msi 
x86 Zip: http://www.avianwaves.co...rdtabs/rdtabs_2.1.19.zip 
x64 MSI: http://www.avianwaves.co...tabs/rdtabs64_2.1.19.msi 
x64 Zip: http://www.avianwaves.co...tabs/rdtabs64_2.1.19.zip 


- Fixed more numerous RDP file import bugs (below). There must not be too many people using this feature since these bugs seem to persist for a long periods of time before being reported. 🙂 Individual bugs are listed below...
- Fixed a bug where RDP file import would throw a non-descript error if drive redirection was disabled in RDP files generated by RDC 6.0 and newer.
- Fixed a bug where RDP file import would ignore half of the settings saved in the RDP file.
- Fixed a bug where RDP file import would not overwrite display name under some conditions.
- Added new parsable RDP file parameters: screen mode id (full screen = fit to app window, custom = custom), compression, desktopwidth, and desktopheight.
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