Is there a way to startup in an undocked mode? I have several sites I want to connect to and have setup the software to automaticly login on startup, but I would Like the ability to have these windows automaticly undock and float. I know I can click sendto and undock, but when there are multiple (12) it's a pain. I have setup another monitor to allow me to view all floating windows so i can watch at the same time. Also, I have setup all tabs to start at 1024x768, and auto size if windows is oversized. This works, but you should also set the undock feature to automatic size the screen to the default tab size on undock. (or at least give the option, so If the windows starts up undocked, it will be autosized) Does this make an sense?


Could we get the thumbnail option to update all open windows in realtime instead of just a snapshot? This would also work.
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There will be better undocking features (such as using the currently set resolution) in the next version. Starting up in an undocked mode is an interesting idea. It will be able to be done via script (issuing commands via the command line to RD Tabs), but I'm not sure if it's something I'll implement natively. Thanks for the suggestions!
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