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I've been running RD Tabs for a while now, it's a great application. It's running on a Dell Optiplex with a quad core processor and 4gb of ram on Vista business.
For some reason when I launch RD Tabs today the application appears hung - just a white window, though Task Manager shows the application taking 25% of my cpu and around 18MB of RAM. To close the application I have to kill it within Task Manager. I've uninstalled, re-installed, rebooted my machine,e etc. but can't figure out what's happening. Nothing has changed on my system that I'm aware of and all other apps appear fine.
Can anyone suggest where I can troubleshoot this?
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That's an odd one. Try deleting all the saved configuration for RD Tabs. You will lose favorites and settings, but it might fix the problem if the user.config files are corrupted somehow. Go to the RD Tabs installation folder (usually Avian Waves\RD Tabs under Program Files) and run the rdprofclean.exe application. Select all discovered profiles and delete them. Launch RD Tabs and let me know what happens.
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