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Today I switched off WER, because I didn't like its behavior.
Afterwards I found out that RDTabs tries to use WER to send error reports, and shows the error below:


So, if I want to continue using RDTabs, as I did before with much pleasure, I will have to switch WER back on, right?
Is there any setting I can change?


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Hmm, after rechecking I found out the user.config file was corrupted. I renamed it to .old and RDTabs is back in action!/:d/
I copied the favoriteslist section from the old file to the newly generated one to have my old favorites back. 😗
Further analisys 🤔 shows, that a Vista sidebar gadget I installed tried to cache some RSS headlines into the config file.
This corrupted my configuration file. WER is now turned off, and RDTabs works... until something bad happens :-)
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Well I'm glad you figured it out! RD Tabs actually doesn't use WER because it's a pretty expensive subscription and cash is one thing I do not have much of. 🙂 However, RD Tabs does implement it's own error reporting module which can catch 99% of errors RD Tabs throws. Based on the screen cap you provided, it appears that I may be able to actually trap the "invalid config" exception you got and provide a more friendly response to users to let them know the user.config is corrupted. So... thanks for posting!
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