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Yesterday I've installed RD Tabs and it looks very nice. I found however one strange thing. I've configure my session in such a way that my disks should be available as a resource. However in the RD session I get to see my DVD-drive and my USB drive, but my standard C-drive is not visible, allthough this drive has been selected in the configuration settings.
Any idea what might be causing this? If the stand RDP client to connect to this same box, the C-drive does come available as a shared resource.

Kind regards, Ronald van Gogh
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I can't reproduce this error. I tried connecting to two remote servers, one I had only the C: drive selected, and the other I had all drives selected. I was able to access my C: drive under both situations.

You may want to look at the permissions on your C: to make sure they are set up correctly. One default that some security paranoid people like to remove are the permissions assigned Everyone at the root of the drive. This needs to be there when accessing shared drives (which is what Remote Desktop uses) to allow root level enumeration. It only allows enumeration and does not propagate past root, so it's safe to keep in there.
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