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I previously mentioned in other posts that I was going to look into integrated remote assistance features into RD Tabs. Unfortunately, every part of remote assistance is integrated (heavily) into the Windows Help and Support modules, which do not appear to expose features via COM like remote desktop does. Without writing my own 3rd party desktop sharing solution (which I really have no desire to do), it doesn't appear that RD Tabs can offer any form of remote assistance, especially one compatible with the existing Microsoft Windows infrastructure. Sorry about that. Wish I had better news! On the bright side, RD Tabs 2.0.8 seems pretty stable (no complaints thus far), so after a short break away from RD Tabs, I'll begin to work on the new features slated for 2.1.0.

Update 10/12/2007: Limited integration of Remote Assistance may be possible yet. Stay tuned...
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