Online Check -- frequency needs to be configurable in options; enabled/disabled by button on toolbar; and on demand checking for a selection should be possible from shortcut menu.
Password Field -- reveal should be possible on a per password basis; it should be possible to enter a password without it being revealed.
Verified Column -- "Failed" is used to describe connection failures (closed ports, disabled services, and protocol negotiation failures) as well as password failures. This is too ambiguous.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Online check is automatic and I haven't found a way to get the table to track online changes when the table is reordered, so I have to constantly check the status new whenever a change is made. The frequency is continuous and is as fast as can be. The thread priority is lower than the main thread, so it shouldn't cause a performance problem. Let me know if it does. I can turn it on and off, but I probably can't adjust much else for it right now.

Reveal is possible on a per password basis by clicking into the password field. Of course this brings up the problem of editing the field without revealing the password -- that isn't possible using the table view. I could probably just add a separate "new password" dialog, if you like, which would hide the password while you edit it.

I'll have to see if I can determine the difference between a connection failure and an incorrect password for the verified column. Not sure the API knows the difference (it's using an unmanaged API that's not 100% clear in documentation) but I might be able to add that.

Thanks for the suggestions. XS BAP needs a lot of work. I haven't had much time recently with work and RD Tabs. I need to get back into it!!!
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