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RD Tabs 2.0.10 is out! RD Tabs Update should tell you about it soon. Otherwise, as always, follow the links below!

Zip: http://www.avianwaves.com/tech/tools/rdtabs/rdtabs_2.0.10.zip 
MSI: http://www.avianwaves.com/tech/tools/rdtabs/rdtabs_2.0.10.msi 

The changelog...

- The error reporting module has been updated. First, if the destination host (the report receiving server) was unreachable, the reporter would itself crash sometimes -- this has been fixed. Second, I've added a dialog where you can enter in a description of what you were doing when the error occurred. This will help me put errors in context. It will be of great help if you include this additional information! Thanks!
- You can rename favorite folders from within the Favorites Manager now. Sorry about neglecting to add such an obvious feature until now! :-)
- The Favorites Manager can now be resized to any size and also maximized -- another obvious feature missing until now!
- Added a maximize button to the "Move Favorites" and "Add Favorite To..." dialogs.
- Modified the appearance of a couple of "OK" and "Cancel" buttons which previously were exceedingly large or out of the "normal" order.
- The new "splash screen" window now has the RD Tabs icon and title so when you "Alt-Tab" while RD Tabs is loading you don't see some random application in the process list that you don't know what it belongs to.
- Added a new little feature: You can set RD Tabs now to close a tab if it is "middle-clicked" (as in, middle mouse button). Go to Options->Tabs, then select "Close tabs by clicking the middle mouse button on the tab title." This feature was requested by a few people. Enjoy!
- Updated the help file to reflect the new features (new sections and screenshots).
- Fixed a few "bugs" in the help file where a couple topics were not correctly associated with index keywords.
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