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I use RD Tabs at my company via a system called RD Web. Basically, there is a thin-client where RD Tabs actually runs and where I do not have administrative rights. There is a group of these servers. The issue is my favorites are not automatically replicated between all the servers so I lose them or have many inconsistencies depending on which server I land on.

I could manually backup my favorites every day and restore them every time but I strongly prefer to automate this task.

Are the favorites for RD Tabs stored on the file system or registry?
Are there any practices for automatically backing-up/restoring that people have implemented?

Thanks in advance!
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The live copy of favorites are stored in %appdata%\Avian Waves\RD Tabs\Favorites.xml

There are rolling backups taken in case the XML gets corrupted for some reason, so RD tabs can revert to them with minimal data loss, you'll see Favorites.history.1.xml, etc.

The passwords will not be decryptable on other systems because it uses a key that is protected by Windows and is tied to your user profile on each PC. In the next version of RD Tabs, there will be a feature where you can use a Master Password instead, which will allow password encryption portability. So what you will notice is when you copy the favorites.xml file onto a new computer, all the password fields will just be blank.

You can export and import favorites using the GUI from within the Favorites Manager to a portable encrypted file called "RDTSF" (RD Tabs Secure Favorites). This is a manual process, but passwords are preserved.

In future versions, there will be concepts of syncing favorites between RD Tabs across systems and sharing with coworkers.
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