So this is an extension of the current support for opening favorites when RD Tabs starts. Currently it will only open a connection of folder of connection in one tab panel.

Here's a scenario of what I mean...

So, I have two monitors.

I have RD Tabs running full screen on on monitor
I have a detached (floating) tab panel full screen on the second monitor

I have a number of tabs open on both panels and I need to reboot my host local machine due to far tooooo many MS Updates stacking up.

But I want to get it done quickly - the updates have installed and I need to reboot. But wait, I want to open RD Tabs with the same tabs/panel layout when the machine has been rebooted.

Therefore I need a way to bookmark my currently open tabs, tab panels and which screen they are on etc.

Apart from that and the auto-hide tab bar, this suits my needs, although a copy that works on a Mac running OS X (Snow Leopard/10.6->) would be the icing on the cake! There's already CoRD, but it's not quite a good as this - it's not got Tabs in the name and therefore doesn't provide tabs as an easy way to select another remote session. The Hotkey is a pain as the Command Key+1 or 2 or session number etc. actually maps to the Windows key so you end up with the Windows key state stuck and have to press it a couple of times to release its state on the remote machine.

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There will never be a Mac version, sorry. :-(

As for the other request, that should be possible in the future as I am going to support restoring tabs that were open on exit as a feature eventually. No ETA yet.
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