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I manage many servers at my work, and some of them require me every time to enter a password in order to login (server policies). User name can be saved, but password not.

It's very frustrating as I manage many servers and use them every day. I'll have to login into them manually (one server even has 20 char passwords due to overzealous policies) each and every day and overall I have just too many accounts and logins during the day at my work.

Would it be possible to bypass the login prompt some way? I mean like if RD Tabs could automatically type my password or something like that... I can already use Keepass to fill the server pw but if RD Tabs could do that automatically, it'd be more practical.
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Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. You are correct you'd need an "autotype" of feature, such as provided by Keepass, as when the policy forbids saving passwords or forbids using saved passwords, that's controlled by the RDP subsystem, so there isn't a way to otherwise work around it. RD Tabs does not have an autotype feature at this time.
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