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This is hopefully the last bugfix update before I get an alpha release of 2.2. But we will see! Right now the bug reports are very slow.

Download links...

x86 MSI: http://www.avianwaves.co...rdtabs/rdtabs_2.1.14.msi 
x86 Zip: http://www.avianwaves.co...rdtabs/rdtabs_2.1.14.zip 
x64 MSI: http://www.avianwaves.co...tabs/rdtabs64_2.1.14.msi 
x64 Zip: http://www.avianwaves.co...tabs/rdtabs64_2.1.14.zip 


- Fixed an issue where if you are using the amazing AutoHotkey app, some scripts will cause RD Tabs to stop responding to the scroll wheel for scrolling through tabs in the tab title bar (I'm not entirely sure of the cause, but think I have implemented an effective workaround).
- Fixed some messed up index ordering in the options dialog (for when you use the tab key to navigate).
- Fixed a bug where inline autocomplete would never enable in the favorites/default connection editor, no matter how it was set in the configuration.
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