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I installed the new version of RDTabs the other day. When I start it up, the menu bar is not drawn correctly - whatever is on the screen behind RDTabs appears where the menu bar should be, but no menu. If I minimise and maximise the window, the menu bar doesn't reappear, but if I move the RDTabs window, it does. If I bring another app to the foreground without minimising RDTabs, then bring RDTabs to the foreground, the area where the menu bar should be shows whatever was on the screen before RDTabs came to the foreground.
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Interesting problem!

What OS version?
What RD Tabs version? (assuming 2.0.8 based on your post)
What RD Control version string? (See Help->About and copy the "AxMSTSCLib.whatever"
Do you have a beta version of .Net Framework installed? (such as 3.5 or early builds of 2.0)

Just to confirm terminology... By "menu bar" you mean the "Control Favorites Tools Tabs Help" bar right?

Can you post a link to a screen capture?
Exactly the same problem occurring here (3 years on)...

OS: Windows XP SP3
RDTabs Version: 2.1.24, tried several previous versions too.
RD Control Version String does appear where you mention
All .NET versions are latest patched versions up to .net 4

The menu bar, by my definition, is where the tabs appear...

I can't seem to attach an image
Loonyjuice attached the following image(s):
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