Hi Tim,

I think I e-mail this suggestion to you before when I first found RD Tabs and wondered how I managed all this time.

Autohiding both tab and menu bars will give the entire desktop size to the remote machine. Currently I use the 'Fit to application window' and 'Scale down oversized desktop to always fit in tab pane (no scrollbars)'. While it works well, my 1200 pixel high screen is reduced to 1175 pixels on the remote machine.

Also, I think this causes some problems on the remote machine when I connect. I'm connecting to Windows Server 2003 machines and often find a few windows (usually Windows Explorer) reduces to the smallest it can be (basically as wide as the title in the title bar and just the title bar high). Worse than that, they are always off the screen - I think bottom right of tiny window is at top left of screen and the only way to get it back is Alt, Space, M (to get the System Menu and select Move). Then you have to use cursor key to move it before it follows the mouse pointer at which point you can see it on the desktop - click the mouse to release and the resize it.

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I don't have plans for a full-full-screen mode (no tab bar) at this time. But maybe in the future. Right now it seems that you could use mstsc.exe to fill up the entire screen, if you need that.
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A lot has happened in 8 years. Microsoft has released the Surface Pro. In fact, four generations of them...

Yet a pandemic problem exists which Microsoft have so far failed to resolve. It is that Surface Pro users with their insanely high resolutions cannot reasonably use Windows Remote Server in any shape or form.

The problem? Neither the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol programme, nor the upgraded RDP Manager, no even the bundled Win 10 RDP App accommodates Surface Pros. Mstsc.exe is woefully outdated and underequipped to deal with the new Microsoft Surface Pro hardware that is taking both the home and corporate worlds by storm.

It only takes a Google searche to reveal that thousands of disillusioned new Surface Pro users are flocking to RDTabs because it offers one thing which Microsoft still do not: Proper resolution scaling. Yet there is one legacy imperfect with RDTabs which is holding it back from being the holy grail. That obsolete tab bar.

Sure, if you are a network administrator then that tab bar is essential and no doubt the reason that you downloaded RDTabs in the first place. But if you are one of the flocking masses simply looking for an acceptable way to use your shiny new Surface Pro on your employer's remote server, then it is just no good.

Everyone that I am talking to says the same thing: "If only RDP did not have that tab bar at the top... then it would perfect!". I am just a freelance consultant, but the amenity that RDTabs has given me already, after countless hours seeking a solution, is priceless. Thisis the only software out there there does this!

If Avian Waves removed that tab bar then you could easily charge for this software and make a fortune. After that, if you then also created a super streamlined user-friendly login interface for the average non-techy corporate surface pro user, and you could charge what you liked. If you need software testers, let me know.

Please let me know what sort of donation you would need and I will gladly send it to you once that tab bar is optioned out. You could then easily post a precis of this message on Lifehacker and you would have 50,000 new users within a week.

Thank you for this awesome software and I look forward to seeing it evolve from strength to strength. Then time and place are perfect. Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity?
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I think it's doable. I'll hit you up by email since you also contacted me there so we can discuss the details of what you are looking for.
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