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I am really liking the product, but so far I am experiencing one annoyance. I have version 2.1.24 running on Windows 7 Pro SP1. I have clients running XP, 2003 Server and 2008 server and all exhibit the quirk - I can't double-click properly. My usual single click is fine. If I try my usual double-click, it does nothing. If I do a double-double-click - yes, 4 clicks - it works as a normal double. Aha, it's a speed thing you are about to say. I agree - sometimes. If I do 2 really slow clicks it does sometimes work, but not always. On those occasions, a 4 click will always work. I have messed with the click speed setting on all machines but it seems inconsistent. Any comments?

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Are you on RD Tabs 3.0?

Do you have some sort of mouse gaming software that allows customization of mouse clicks? Or are you using a third party product that enhances or overrides default mouse behaviors (autohotkey, etc.)? Please try disabling those.

If that doesn't help, check if you are updated to the latest RDP libraries from Microsoft. This should happen as long as you install all optional updates in Windows Update. You should see "Using RDP Control: Client 9" under the Help -> About in RD Tabs. If it says Client 8 or Client 7, you are using older versions of RDP.
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