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Trying to override the favorites auto-connect, emulating a sort of safe-mode startup.

This is handy when hopping in to a user and not wanting the program to automatically connect to any servers specified in their favorites section. If you're performing any sort of maintenance on the program itself, you have to wait for it to connect to any favorite tabs they've specified, then log back out. Would be nice if you could override the automatic connect and save the extra step.

Per command line usage of the program, tried
rdtabs start favid <FAVID> /n
(where <FAVID> was one of the entries in %APPDATA%\Avian Waves\RD Tabs\Favorites.xml)
but it says the FAVID cannot be found.

(The /n flag is supposed to suppress connecting)

Also tried rdtabs start favorite <PATH_TO_FAVORITES> /n
(where <PATH_TO_FAVORITES> was either the full path to Favorites.xml in the same folder above, or just it's parent dir)
but both of those said the favorites path could not be found.

So, two questions:
1) Is there a way to start RDTabs and bypass any automatically connecting favorites?
2) What is the correct method for starting the program with a particular favorite, either by XML path or ID?


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I think you found a bug!
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Yeah, glad to know it's not operator error for a change. 😉
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