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I discovered your software by a friend. I downloaded and installed and your software is great. I've been using for a year, a similar software that is Visionapp Remote Desktop.

I found your software more up to date and faster.

But Visionapp has a interesting concept that is Credentials. You can store the username and password as a Credential, then after that, you can use that credential in the connection (RDP). If you have a lot of connections and you have a strong password politics change (my case), this feature can be really helpful. Instead updating the passwords in all connections, I just have to update the credential and that's it.

I know that there is the Batch Edit feature, that could work for these situations, but another thing that is cool using the credentials is: sometimes you have the same server but need to connect with different user accounts. I believe that it worth take a look on Visionapp.

Another interesting feature is that you can inherit the credential from the folder where you have the connection.

Again, congratulations for your software... it rocks.

Best regards,

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The feature you request is planned for the next version of RD Tabs. In RD Tabs it will be called "Connection Profiles" which will replace the "Default Connection Properties" feature. You will have one "default" connection profile which will be used when you open a new (blank) tab. There will, be a combobox that will let you choose any other connection profile to instantly recall any settings (not just username/password).

When this feature is available, if you can think of any way to improve it, feel free to let me know!
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