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I've downloaded Windows XP SP3 RC2, and was able to use the .NET 2.0 SDK (I just downloaded the 3.5/2008 SDK; that should work too) and some references online to derive RDP 6.1 files from it. I've managed to make that library work in Avian Waves and can connect to my work's 2003 SP2 and 2008 RC0 servers. What actual impact this has, I'm not sure.

1. Install latest version of Avian Waves
2. Download 
3. Extract the files into the Avian Waves install directory.
4. I did run regtsax.exe, but it says nothing changes. (shrugs)


Personal machine setup

AMD X2-4200 65W CPU; 4GB RAM; x64 XP Pro OS; .NET Framework 3.5 & RD Tabs 2.0.13 installed.
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Very cool! The 2008/Vista SP1/XP SP3 RDP Control will be released with the next alpha version of RD Tabs 2.1, which will be RD Tabs 2.1.3 (out later day).

I will not be rolling into the 2.0.x codeline.

regtsax.exe is used as part of the RD Tabs uninstallation to clean up registry changes that RD Tabs makes during installation. It basically reverts the registered RDP control back to the version in system32, regardless of the version installed with RD Tabs. It says "nothing happens" as sort of a joke, harking back to the days of old text adventure games where when you typed in a verb-noun combination for an action on an object that the game didn't feel was relevant to describe, it'd say "nothing happens."

Inside joke I suppose.

Anyhoo, if you want to use regtsax.exe you have to supply a command line argument. I didn't want people to accidentally run it and mess something up.

To use it, you type regtsax REGISTER
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Ah. Cool beans!

One thing you should be aware of is according to some of the MSDN blogs I read recently, 6.1 is supposed to support some kind of driverless printing. 
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