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  1. It's Not That Complicated: PowerShell and Task Scheduler
    7/28/2021 9:02:33 AM,

    OMG yes, no end of websites and solutions I have read and tried.. .this actually work, thank you!

  2. Connecting SQL Server Management Studio to a non-standard TCP/IP Port
    2/4/2021 4:33:39 AM,

    Thanks dude, you are still helping people in 2021, just ran into this issue and wasted half an hour!

  3. My Go at Fixing the Dreaded Logitech G903 Mouse Double Click Issue
    12/9/2020 1:00:08 PM,


    Thank YOU for the visual walkthrough.

    Not thanking Logitech for making flipping through your walkthrough...

  4. My Go at Fixing the Dreaded Logitech G903 Mouse Double Click Issue
    6/20/2020 10:15:11 PM,

    Thanks for the photos and directions. I just finished replacing the switches on my G903 with nice Japanese made...

  5. Using Azure Automation to Keep Office 365 Exchange Online Default Calendar Permissions Updated
    3/27/2020 2:09:18 PM,
    Nader Rizk

    Here is a script if you have multi languages in your environment and the name of the calendar is variable for an...

  6. Microsoft Data Protection Manager: Start a Consistency Check on all Inconsistent Replicas with PowerShell
    2/10/2020 9:31:23 AM,
    Lord Melch

    Works also on DPM 2019 UR1 - thanks :-)



  7. DPM 2016 + SQL 2016 and "An unexpected error occurred during the installation" ID: 4387
    9/23/2019 7:48:56 AM,

    I have a new comment to add.. after 20 hours of trying to resolve a 4387 error.

    Our situation was that we needed to...

  8. RDS Shadowing Broken since Meltdown/Spectre Patch?
    6/25/2019 5:21:11 PM,
    Carl C. Longnecker

    If you start rdpsaproxy.exe as the user on the host first, then you can connect. Once you disconnect, the process...

  9. Unable to Provision Server Endpoint in Azure File Sync, Error "NewServerEndpointWithDatePolicy failed with...
    2/11/2019 4:41:32 PM,

    Thanks, exactly the same problem! You save me many hours of work!

    Strange that is not a common error.

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