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Microsoft has recently released a standalone installer which enables RDP 6.1 support on Windows XP SP2 . There are certain issues you should be aware of when installing or upgrading RD Tabs on Windows XP SP2 after installing this RDP 6.1 patch.

RD Tabs has no way of determining whether RDP 6.1 has been installed on XP SP2. The installer relies on version information to determine how to proceed through the installation. For Server 2008, Vista SP1, and XP SP3, it will default to using the RDP 6.1 already on your system. For any older version of Windows, it will install RDP 6.0 and register it on your system. This is because for XP SP2 (and older) systems, it is very common to encounter improperly registered RDP controls, and RD Tabs will not work at all as a result. (Note: RDP 6.1 cannot be bundled with RD Tabs like RDP 6.0 because of numerous underlying changes to the OS that are required.)

To re-enable RDP 6.1 after installing RD Tabs on a XP system with RDP 6.1, open a command prompt as an administrator and type the following:

regsvr32 -u "c:\program files\avian waves\rdtabs\mstscax.dll"
regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\mstscax.dll

Reboot. RDP 6.1 should now be re-enabled. Note that anytime you reinstall RD Tabs or install a new version of RD Tabs, these steps will have to be performed again.

Important: on some systems, RD Tabs may not install at all after the RDP 6.1 installation. If this is the case for enough people, I'll release a special zipped copy of RD Tabs that doesn't require an installer. Just request it here. You'll just have to manually put all the files into the appropriate location.

This only affects Windows XP SP2 with RDP 6.1 installed. ALL other systems are fully supported by the RD Tabs installer, INCLUDING XP SP3.
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