• Keith
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First off I'd like to say that I think RD tabs is awesome, it's exactly what I was looking for. I use it every day.

I would like to ask for one small feature. When I use RD tabs at home on my laptop, my laptop's screen is smaller than the machines at work that I'm remoting into. I have the connections set for a fixed size, and I turn the scaling option on so it always fits on screen.

However, the aspect ratio isn't fixed, so I have to resize the window to make everything correct. Then I switch between a machine at 1280x1024 and 1920x1200.

What I'd like to see is an option to fix the aspect ratio for the scaling mode. So that the display would take up as much space as it could within the window, but remain at it's native aspect ratio.

  • MTRyan
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Looks like this feature was requested 4 years ago but I don't see it as an option. Replying to bump it back up. I would really like to have an option to fix the aspect ratio when using the scaling option to keep things looking right.

Thanks for very useful app.