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This is related to the command line switches suggestion in that:

Looking to be able to double click an icon to launch RD Tabs & connect to specific Favorites.

This could be done with command line switches, but I would prefer to only have to protect user.config file and not worry about my scripts having sensitive information like; server IP, usernames & passwords in them.

Maybe something like .rtfav ~ could be associated with RD Tabs and include xml code to point to the desired favorite, or group of favorites.


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I'll have to think about implementation, but I am going to add the ability to create a "home page" or "home folder" which will open a specific group or favorite when RD Tabs is opened (similar to firefox / ie7).

I see you want the ability to possibly have multiple "home" groups based on a shortcut icon. This can be easily accomplished with command line args, which I also plan to add. Maybe I can have a switch to open a saved folder or favorite, so that no information is stored in the command line arguments section.

Of course I will also have the ability to specify server and user information by command line switches as well.
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