I would like to say thank you for developing such a great, handy, piece of software! I use it on a daily basis...

One suggestion... Would like to see the ability to minimize to the system tray. I am remoted in to systems all day, my taskbar is high priced real estate, thus when not using the RD Tabs, it would have a better home in the system tray.

Thanks! Keep up the great work...
Travis Swientek
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This feature is already available! Go into Tools->Options and then look under the "Display" section. Here you will find two checkboxes. One is for the task bar and the other is for the trask tray. You can enable one, both, or neither! If you choose neither, you can reactivate RD Tabs by launching it again from any shortcut (such as in the start menu). This will bring it to the front of the z-order without opening a new instance. Personally, I like the task tray best too. 🙂
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