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Hopefully this has not been posted; did not see it.

Your product is amazing; thanks for taking the time to create it.

My one suggestion is that you add a system key shortcut to jump to the "connect to Server in New Tab" search box.

  • Timothy
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That's a good idea, but due to bugginess with the SysKey shortcuts related to the complexities of handling key combinations at very low level, I will be replacing this feature with something new a few versions in the future. I'm thinking something closer to most other apps where there is a single key combo that is an "escape" key that breaks out of the remote session, then you will just use normal shortcuts as a second keystroke.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that although the feature will be in the next version or two of RD Tabs, since I plan to replace it entirely, I won't be adding enhancements. 🙂
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